Epic dresses from Olga Sadovska

Let's see all of them!

Family Look

Here's a selection of dresses that can be rented along with kids' just ``like a mum's`` dresses for all ages and heights

Dresses for pregnancy photoshoots

Here's a selection of dresses to suit all tummy sizes

Rental Steps & Rules

  1. Select the dress here. All my WOW dresses are unique and designed by me, Olga Sadovska. I make ’em for shootings specially. That means they fit your size and height thanks to technology I use.
  2. Text me with a screenshot or a number of the dress you want. I will provide you with all information on sizes, additional photos and other details. Please find alternative contacts here
  3. Make a reservation for the dress. 
  4. I will bring the dress to your photoshoot and help with it, maybe capture additional photos and videos using my or your phone. Yet only “shooting days” event is possible when your shooting is out of Prague.
  5. Dresses are for the photoshoots only, that means I don’t rent out the dresses for other events.
  6. One rental means one person wears one dress during one shooting. However when on shooting days with several persons wearing the same dress – every person have to pay the rental price, but you will get a discount in this case.
  7. Normally there is no need in fitting, all dresses fit almost everybody, just let me know if you have any concerns. Anyway I will ask you to do some measurements like height, bust or bicep. 

Are you a photographer?

Do you want to WOW your client with stunning images, expand your creativity and add artistic value to your photos? Sadovska Rent service is just what you need. After all, you can offer your clients and models a collection of unique designer gowns in styles ranging from modest to luxurious haute couture, puffed skirts and multi-metre-long trains.

Shooting pictures with Sadovska Rent looks will make your work eye-catching and different from the competitors as each dress is designed in detail and exists in a single copy. The gowns are very comfortable to wear and universal in size.

My idea is to bring together models, photographers, make up artists, hair stylists and my dresses for an Epic collaborations!

Check these Shooting Days benefits:

  • Attract clients EASILY with my Epic dresses
  • Special prices for your clients
  • Unique offer that doesn't have any competitors
  • Highly profitable projects within a short spin of time
  • Many satisfied customers
  • “Just like mum’s” dress styles for family looks with kids

Join me and let’s make the shooting days in your country!